Severe Weather E-book

Over the past decade, I've visited several towns and cities devastated by tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods, and I've interviewed dozens of people about how they survived a natural disaster. What they talk most about is preparation, of course, about having an emergency plan in place that they and their families practice regularly. But sometimes severe weather strikes and catches people off guard.

Imagine this: You worst nightmare is about to come true. You’re spending the evening with your children when you learn that a dangerous storm is barreling toward your home. Or you’re out grocery shopping and hear on the radio that a natural disaster is about to occur. You feel panicked. You know that you must do something but you aren’t sure what steps you should take to keep your family safe from harm. I can help. How?

Big Storm Coming! A Parent’s Quick Guide to Complete Disaster Preparedness 


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My free, concise, no-nonsense e-book offers you tips and insights gleaned from expert sources about what actions you can take right now to protect your family. It provides research-based information about eight of the most common storms and disasters that strike families all across the United States and it includes key steps you will need to take for each watch and warning issued by authorities.

Big Storm Coming! gives you a quick glimpse of actions you can take in just a few minutes to give your family the best possible chance to survive. It gives you, the parent, a measure of control during a crucial time. Armed with these live-saving tips, it might just give you a little peace of mind amid the chaos, as well.

  • Because I want your family to be safe, I'm offering this ebook to you for free.

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