Warning systems


I study how operational meteorologists issue weather warnings and communicate with their partners. I'm also interested in early warning systems for drought. My goal is to find ways to help the National Weather Service improve their practices and to illuminate possible future roles for forecasters in relationship to their various publics.



Vulnerabilty & Risk


I theorize different ways that vulnerability and risk emerge in disaster contexts. In particular, explore different forms of harm as communities and experts prepare for and respond to severe weather. In examining these concepts, I look at flash flood, tornado, hurricane and drought contexts. My goal is to contribute to literatures that reveal the complex ways harm manifests in society.



Drought dynamics


I map how different groups of people--agriculture, industries, municipalities, and local communities--experience and plan for drought. Importantly, these actions have unintended consequences on others in the water system, which are often displaced in time and space.My goal is to create policy and user relevant science.