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Mr. Tornado

& the science of the skies 

Dr. Tetsuya "Ted" Fujita served as his own best intstrument...

The way he imagined the atmosphere, his technique with hand-drawn maps, his own body, these became his tools for understanding how the world around him worked. And while we know much about the discoveries he made--microbursts, thunderstorms, tornado suction vorticies--we know less about him as a person. 

I'm writing a non-traditional biography of Dr. Fujita, a book that I hope blends the best of my training as a creative nonfiction writer with my skills as a researcher and social scientist. One of the most important resources I have are the experiences, stories, insights and artifacts that come from those who knew him. 

If you would like to share what you know with me, I'd love to hear from you. Please contact me here.